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A guide to install Capcut for PC, a brilliant video editing app for Android. It is a video editor is a software program that allows you to put together a video using various clips, effects, and transitions. The best programs will help you use simple drag-and-drop editing tools to rearrange the order of your footage, add in audio files or even extra videos and photos for added effect, insert titles or captions, and more.

Why are Video Editors a must-have for phones and computers?

Video editing is a skill that every business and individual should have. Video is the future of content marketing, and having access to video editing software can make all the difference between success and failure.

Finding decent video editing software isn’t always easy. The world of video editing is filled with a lot of buzzwords, confusing features, and terms that are over-complicated. For example – “frame rate” and “interlacing” are two terms that you’ll see often. They sound complicated, and they are – but there’s really no need to understand.

What is Capcut?

Capcut is a free video editor that lets you create professional-looking videos in minutes. It is great at creating videos for social media, it supports Facebook Live, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other platforms. Capcut can also work as a video editing software with tools like slow motion, reverse playback, and looping to create amazing effects.

CapCut Video Editor for PC

It is a free video editor for PC and smartphone users. Capcut allows you to edit videos by cutting them into pieces and adding captions in your own voice.

It is easy to use and allows you to add intros, outros, music, pictures, and effects. You can also customize the font size, color, and background of your captions.

You can upload your video to YouTube immediately after editing with Capcut. It’s a highly recommended app for vloggers and video bloggers who are just starting out.

Is Capcut available For PC?

CapCut Video Editor is on Android devices only and downloadable through APK. People who are addicted to laptops more than smartphones want CapCut Video Editor on laptops. So for them, we are posting a guide to download CapCut Video Editor for Windows 10, previous versions supported Laptop and Macbook.

How to Install CapCut for PC:

We have no choice left except to take the help of Android Emulator to download CapCut Video Editor Apk for PC. Android Emulators are brilliant transporters that are doing the job of transporting Android apps from a small screen to a big one. Among the top best Android emulators for Windows and Mac, we always suggest BlueStacks and Nox App Player. These emulators are the best in business.

BlueStacks is the trendsetter in Android Emulators, infact the first one to introduce the concept. Windows users must use this emulator to install CapCut Video Editor for PC. Mac users will like the experience of using Nox as the Nox and Mac Partnership is best. So Macbook users must try Nox App Player to install CapCut Video Editor for Mac. Both emulator’s download buttons are given above, select and start. Currently, the author is using Windows Laptop so, the below steps are according to CapCut Video Editor for Windows.

First of all, download BlueStacks from the button. The file is present on our Google Drive and it’s absolutely safe.

File Size of BlueStacks is approximately 400 MBs, so it will take some time to get the download, wait for it.

After downloading software on Windows, it is obvious that we run the Setup.exe file for extraction of files and installation. Allow the software to make changes in your computer.

Once installation gets completed, open BlueStacks and wait for loading bar completion. Select Language, connect BlueStacks with WiFi.

Enter the existing Google Account ID and password. In case, if anyone is deprived of Google Account, create a new one there is an option below blanks.

All formalities are completed now. Users can see the BlueStacks home screen now. Go to MY Apps -> System Apps. Click on the Apk Installer option present at bottom of the screen.

Upload the downloaded CapCut Video Editor APK file from the folder. Wait for CapCut Video Editor APK file installation on BlueStacks.

CapCut Video Editor is successfully installed on PC now.


How can I download the CapCut Video Editor on my PC?

Install the Android Emulator on your computer. After installing you will be able to download the CapCut app on a PC. Be aware of the fake executable files if some platform offers you one. There is no official CapCut Executebale file for PC.

Is CapCut Video Editor better than VivaVideo?

Nope, this judgment will be too early. The VivaVideo is the best Video Editor on Android in the world and there is no doubt about it. On the other hand, CapCut Video Editor is slightly better on PC than VivaVideo because of some additional features. Overall, there is no way that CapCut Video Editor is better than VivaVideo.

Is CapCut Free?

Yes, CapCut is free to download and use. Only some premium features are paid for. CapCut also offers the hell of features that are used in professional editing.

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