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The Internet is getting wide but restrictions are limiting it. I Want to break the barriers on the internet and then install UPX Browser for PC.

UPX Browser is the emerging browser among Android OS users. This browser is a combination of fast browsing, Safe Surfing, Private search, and unblocking content.

The most important service of this app is keeping the user’s privacy. UPX Browser PC version is not available from the official end.

So, we brought you an alternative way. Through some easy steps, you can install UPX Browser for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

MacBook Air and Pro users can also get UPX Browser for mac from the same guide. The guide is written in the end.

Why our Privacy is important?

The Internet is not controversial but sometimes it acts like that. Browsers or search engines don’t create the content they just index the links.

If the content is controversial but legal that search engines are authorized to index it. Now that depends on users they should avoid the content which is inappropriate.

Especially if you found any website or app doubtful quickly close that page. Don’t let them download any malware on your device.

Many users are not aware of their privacy breached and what cost they have to pay.

The Internet offers more than 200 million active websites. Not all of the sources are the same. We can’t neglect the fact that some websites are formed just to steal the user’s information.

Hackers and data manipulators are always in search of users’ private information it including passwords and virtual money.

They search the loopholes once they found it, you will get deprived of your precious data. To avoid such circumstances, browsers like UPX appear as a savior.

Free VPN with UPX Browser:

UPX is the proxy browser which means this app already includes the VPN app in it. You don’t need to download a separate VPN app for unblocking the websites and apps. UPX Browser can deal with the restrictions single-handedly.

UPX Browser for PC Download

You can unblock both government and geo-restrictions. Mean’s users can unblock content that is banned and can also access those platforms that don’t provide service in their region.

You will get all the country’s proxies where most of the internet is directly accessible. A list of proxy servers includes the United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Netherland, Germany, Denmark, and many more.

App Pros:

  • Let you monitor the real-time downloading speed like Opera mini.
  • Built-in Free VPN with a bundle of proxy servers.
  • Secure and fast browsing with hyper sports speed.
  • Keep your device safe from attackers and data snatchers.
  • Stops the information, data breaching from the third-party sources.
  • Encrypt the precious data and keep it in a strong security circle.
  • Bypass firewalls in schools, colleges, universities, and offices.
  • Overwhelm the geo-restrictions, use those streaming services that are not dedicated to your region.
  • Offers hide my IP feature similar to Tor Browser’s hide my identity option.

App Cons

It is the harsh reality that not a single technological product is perfect. If a human can’t be perfect then obviously, its creation can’t be. Here are a few ignorable cons of the app.

Browsing slows down sometimes when the proxy is enabled.

The app is generating income from the pop-up ads that are the most annoying thing on the internet. They appear without warning and informing.

UPX Browser for PC Download – Procedure

In order to take UPX Browser from Android smartphone’s small screens to PC big screens, We have required the assistance of third-party software.

If you are a regular visitor on our site, you must know we are talking about Android emulators. For a new user, here is a short introduction. Android emulators are software that runs Android apps and games on Windows and Mac.

Among the best emulators for Android, BlueStacks and Nox App Player are the most credible. Select one and experience Android apps for PC without any charges. If someone looking for a suggestion then we suggest BlueStacks for Windows and Nox App Player for Mac.

Install BlueStacks for PC Guide:

Download an emulator of your choice, the author is picking BlueStacks.

Next, to download there is an installation of the emulator on a device. The rest of the function is the same as the Android smartphone’s first time turned on.

  • We need to select the language in an emulator.
  • Connect the emulator to working WiFi for proceeding further.
  • Enter Google Account (Existing), it is safe and secure. After completing these formalities we will come on BlueStacks home the screen.

Installing UPX Browser for Windows 10:

This app is available on Google Play, so we don’t require UPX Browser APK to install it on a PC as such. But UPX Browser APK’s latest version is always better than the Google Play app. So if you intend to download UPX unblock the website proxy browser for PC, follow the below steps.

  1. Download UPX Browser APK for PC from the button present above. It is the latest version present on our Google Drive.
  2. Open BlueStacks, Go to My Apps -> System Apps, and Click on the APK Installer option at the bottom.
  3. Upload the downloaded UPX Browser APK file to install it on the PC.
  4. It will take a while, wait for a couple of minutes.

Once the app is installed on a PC you can use it inside the BlueStacks anytime. Hopefully, you have understood the whole procedure. If someone thinks that APK installation is difficult then they can install a regular app available on Google Play.

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