DuckDuckGo claims that Google is hampering its development illegally

The internet search engine DuckDuckGo, well alternative that boasts not track the personal information of users, says that is being attacked by the search giant Google.


The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is examining the claims of companies who criticize the behavior of Google and that the complaint for violating antitrust laws and uses their influence in the market or to impede the progress of other competitors.

Gabriel Weinberg, the creator of this search engine, said it is difficult to establish DuckDuckGo as default search engine from Google Chrome browser, and Google also gets tough on the Android operating system.

Google denies making such practices and states that allows its users to choose other search engines in all platforms.

Other companies like Yelp and Google have previously accused of manipulating search results to promote the results and are Google products which go into the top of these searches. This was all regarding the DuckDuckGo search engine.

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