Dune HD Full HD media player – Dune HD Connect & 3D | Specs & Features

The Dune HD company introduced the line of the world’s smallest Full HD media player – Dune HD Connect. The series includes two models: Dune HD Connect and Dune HD Connect 3D. Both new products are connected to the HDMI-connector of the TV, and, in contrast to the full-size media player, which do not require additional space to accommodate.

Dune HD Connect 3D


Despite its compact size and the case, reminiscent of the flash drive, new items are complete media player that supports almost all modern audio and video formats, including Full HD 1080p, image formats and subtitles, and allows the use of various IPTV / VOD / OTT applications. Furthermore, the model Dune HD Connect 3D supports to playback 3D-video in MVC. Presented media players running processor Sigma Designs SMP8672 (Connect3D) and SMP8674 (Connect). They also contain 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal flash memory. The devices are equipped with a slot for microSD cards and two USB-ports, so can be used to play local content, and embedded Wi-Fi-module allows playback of video and audio data located on the local network and the Internet. Besides the possibility of connecting via HDMI-interface (as well as support for the MHL standard model Dune HD Connect 3D), new items provide support for analog connections via A / V output with a special adapter supplied.

Dune HD Connect 3D


Media players Dune HD Connect and Dune HD Connect 3D will go on sale in late 2012, the level of the recommended retail price is not yet reported.

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