ECS has created a motherboard HDC-I2-C60 and HTPC for the IPC: Specs and Features

In the lineup of motherboards, ECS added a new device HDC-I2-C60, which can be used to create a nettop, home multimedia systems, multimedia computer (HTPC), as well as in the industrial computer systems (IPC).

ECS HDC-I2-C60 motherboard
Submitted to the novelty is made in the form factor mini-ITX. It contains pre-processor AMD APU C-60. Recall, the chip contains two processing cores architecture. Bobcat, integrated graphics Radeon HD 6290 with 80 stream processors and support for DirectX 11 and the integrated memory controller for DDR3 1066 MHz. For cores is nominal frequency of 1 GHz, with the ability to dynamically increase to 1.33 GHz, and the graphics core frequency of 276 MHz works and can dynamically increase the frequency to 400 MHz. Proccessors covered single radiator, which blasted a small fan. On the motherboard ECS HDC-I2-C60 has two slots for memory modules DDR3 at up to 1333 a total of up to 8 GB, one PCI slot for expansion cards, two SATA3 ports for connecting drives. Also, available in both multi-channel integrated audio chip, Gigabit Ethernet port Ethernet, ten ports USB 2.0 (six on back panel and four connectors on the circuit board), video outputs D-Sub and HDMI.

It is expected that the motherboard ECS HDC-I2-C60 will go on sale later this month, but its estimated price is not yet reported.

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