eFun 7GP and 8GP Nextbook Tablet: specs and review

There are many tablets in the market, but couple of them are either expensive or does not match our expectations either in terms of size or processing speed. Some of them are little heavy or does not have the required screen resolution. Though the underline technology of the tablets remains same some of them lack in matching our expectations.

eFun has brought in two new tablets at the CES 2013, the 7GP Nextbook tablet and the 8GP Nextbook tablet. Couple of months back eFun has launched the Premium 7-inch Android tablet. They brought the new addition into the market pretty soon. The new series is going match most of the user’s expectations. As mentioned the technology remains same for these series of Nextbook tablets as well but the difference would lie in the screen resolution. The 7GP and 8GP, as anyone would guess, are 7 inch and 8 inch in size respectively. The screen resolution of 7GP Nextbook tablets is increased to 1024 x 600 pixels form it earlier Premium 7 inch tablet which has a 800 x 400 resolution. The 8GP Nextbook tablet has screen resolution of 1024 x 768. The tablets have capacitive multi touch screen and as you would expect they are quite thin and light weight.

eFun 7GP and 8GP Nextbook Tablet: lightweight and full of features
eFun 7GP and 8GP Nextbook Tablet

Both the 7GP and 8GP Nexbook tablets are powered by 1.5GHz dual-core processor along with 1GB of RAM. The tablets are smooth and faster in performing every-day tasks such as opening up apps and swiping between pages.  Both have 8GB of in-built storage and can be expanded further upto 32GB, if required.  8GP is slightly bigger in size as compared to the 7GP Nextbook tablet though as mentioned they do not differ in functionality and features. As per eFun, these Nextbook tablets are Google Certified, which means users will have access to over 600K Google Play Store apps. Of course, you will have access to movies, books and games besides apps.  Additional 5GB of cloud storage with Google drive comes free which is an added advantage for these Nextbook tablets. It has front and back cameras, an HDMI-out port to send HD video to an HD TV or a computer and 2 USB slots.

eFun 7GP and 8GP Nextbook Tablet: Cost and release date

How much they will cost you? The biggest plus point of the 7GP and 8GP Nextbook tablet is their low price tag. They are priced at $130 and $170 respectively. One can think of either to go for 7GP or shell out extra 40 bugs to get an 8GP Nextbook tablet for a bigger screen. It is expected that these series of tablets would be available in market by February 2013. I would say all in all a good choice for money and features.

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