Electric scooter BMW C Evolution: speed – 120 km / h, run on a single charge – 100 km

The BMW Group also decided to participate in the green movement, and presented its own electric scooter BMW C Evolution. This is a two-wheeled vehicle at the moment is the most balanced solution in comparison with analogues from the competition.

BMW C Evolution scooter

In particular, it looks like C Evolution of traditional gasoline scooters top level, but it feeds on electricity. At the same time electric scooter released very impressive top speed of 120 km / h. This, of course, is less than the judgment of Evolve Motorcycles, but in the latter case, it is a full-fledged motorcycle on electricity.

BMW C Evolution
In terms of distance run on a single battery charge, too, gives some new competitors. For example, BOXX, with an extended battery that can travel up to 130 kilometers without connection to the mains. This electric scooter BMW C Evolution with single charge only runs enough for 100 km, although the use of various technologies such as regenerative braking, this distance can increase by 10-20%.

At the moment, the novelty is in the prototype stage, which is closest to mass production. The price does not apply until the BMW, but it is known that the analogue of gasoline, C 600 Sport, worth $ 14 thousand. We can say, it is a good beginning by BMW for green moment by announcing electric scooter BMW C Evolution.

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