Enable electronic voting for Oscars this year

For the first time in its 85-year history to reach the electronic voting for Oscar film awards. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that this system of online voting will be used to select the winners who will be awarded in February 2013.

electronic voting for Oscar

The no fewer than 6,000 members of the academy often filled ballots by hand to select the best actors, movies, directors, screenwriters and other winners. After that, the results were received, consolidated and tabulated by the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Now the voting will be electronic voting process will facilitate the final phase will begin after the presentation of the Oscar nominations on January 10, 2013.

Another improvement technology of these awards is that Academy members can watch movies via streaming rather than wait for the DVDs. Well, no doubt technology is reaching everywhere but it depends that you want to adopt it not. Well, it’s a good news that electronic voting for Oscar and moreover next Oscar will be a bang already there a big list of movies, stories and music so be ready for the new changes in Oscar 2012.

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