Enthusiast Google Nexus Q hacked and turned into a multifunctional player gadget

Google is positioning Nexus Q as a social media player for streaming media and functionality of a corresponding gadget that is very limited. In this Nexus Q, in fact contains a very powerful stuffing to start any Android-apps, but it cannot do that because of restrictions imposed by the company. However options to work around them have always existed mass and the first successful attempts have been made.

Nexus Q

So, literally the day after the announcement of an enthusiast product was able to run the game Swords and Soldiers on the device, but to manage it, of course, no opportunity was not there. Now, someone with the nickname kornyone published in the forum xda-developers user guide, how to unlock the Nexus Q Trebuchet launcher and set of CyanogenMod.

Thus, the user has access to all your applications, and expanded opportunities for social striming device. For example, the device could display video in 1080p from Netflix. Starting the game and all programs are also held with no problems, but management is carried out using a USB keyboard and mouse.

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