Eric Schmidt: “Android will rule 1000 million devices in a year”

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, has been subject to questions from AllThingsD and after almost an hour of conversation, all the headlines that Google’s management has left behind, we are left with one: 1,000 million Android devices rule in one year.

Eric Schmidt Google CEO

Schmidt is convinced: “The growth rate of mobile adoption exceeds expectations every quarter, “he said. “The devices are becoming so useful that unless you’re a hard worker, you could probably live most of your life with your mobile device.”

What remains, then, its war with Apple? According to Eric Schmidt, “the world has never seen a fight like platforms currently in progress between iOS and Android “, but nothing happens, because the devices coming to market with Google’s operating system are four times more than the they do the same with iOS.

Of course, they could not stop asking for what happened around the failed Apple mapping service, to which Schmidt responds forcefully “Apple has learned that the maps are difficult. They should have kept our maps, are far better.”.

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