Ethernet speed will be up to 10 Tbps in 2020

The group responsible for the standard of IEEE local area networks, has announced the start of work to standardize new versions of Ethernet that allow a significant increase in the bandwidth.


To this end, it has formed a group that will carry out with the support of the industry involved, the project 802.3 Higher Speed Ethernet Connections Industry Consensus group, which basically allows data transmission speeds on wired networks 1 Tbps to 10 Tbps in 2015 in 2020.

The new standard will obviously primarily to large supercomputer centers for science and research and data centers for computer and mass storage, but no doubt that will benefit the common user because will be supplying the service.

Moreover, it will be cheaper solutions for consumer and SMEs of 10 Gbps or greater, many networks still as slow as 100 Mbps.

The group of the IEEE and the big players in the industry related to a conference will meet from 24 to 28 September to lay the foundations of the standard. Well, we can say future of Ethernet is too bright, we may see outstanding and unbelievable speed of Ethernet in upcoming 4 to 8 years.

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