Eurocom Scorpius a laptop with 8 GB of graphics memory: Specs & Features

The Canadian manufacturer Eurocom is back to stick a ‘pasadita’ with the usual laptop Eurocom Scorpius offered under a dual GPU system no less than 8 Gbytes of memory GDDR5, superior to many users and companies have the RAM on their computers desktop.

Eurocom Scorpius

The configuration of the graphics subsystem of Eurocom Scorpius laptop provides dual GPU SLI or Crossfire X with a choice of the latest Quadro Kepler (K3000M, K4000M or K5000M) if we choose to use professionals and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M or 7970M AMD Radeon if the team focuses consumer enthusiasts.

What’s more to this, Eurocom Scorpius offers the most powerful microprocessor in the history of mobile computing, the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 3920XM accompanied to 32 Gbytes of RAM and triple storage unit HD, RAID SSD or hybrid.

An impressive processing unit Eurocom Scorpius is destined to replace present gaming laptop, on sale from $1,793 base configuration but with a more modest than the commentary. With 32GB RAM, 8GB of Graphics, i7 core processor extreme edition, SSD what else you will need in your laptop? I think Eurocom Scorpius is perfect for games with its massive memory configuration and processor.

Soon, I will be bringing more info on this Eurocom Scorpius laptop, so stay tuned.

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