Event on 24th October for Samsung Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Tab?

Samsung is inviting the media to an event in New York scheduled for October 24 and the S-Pen Cover protagonist.

Galaxy Note 2

So it looks conference on Galaxy Note 2, the spectacular phablet with 5.5-inch screen and quad-core Exynos processor presented by Samsung at IFA and includes the S-Pen as prominent feature.

We assume that the event would serve as a presentation of the Galaxy Note 2 in the New Continent (with scheduled sale later this year) and as a release for Europe and Asia, as it was announced phablet availability for these two regions in October.

We do not know price (between 600 and 700 euros) for this Galaxy Note 2 smartphone with tablet features giant for which Samsung has big ambitions with forecasts to sell 20 million units, which would be an absolute record for this type of hybrid.

Moreover, in addition to Galaxy Note 2 addition, the event could be used to launch the new Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy Series tablets Tab, so stay tuned for more updates.

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