Evernote have appeared a paper notebook: Specs & Features

Evernote company primarily known for its eponymous multi-platform application for taking notes. Now, its joint efforts with the Moleskine, was a series of paper pads from the legendary manufacturer of notebooks. A distinctive feature of the new notebooks – the ability to quickly and easily transfer your notes with paper pages in the service Evernote, organize them and make them available for search by handwriting and reviewed at any time and from any location, using the application Evernote for iPhone and iPad.

Evernote Smart Notebook

Went on sale two versions Evernote Smart Notebook – Pages in the cage and in the lineup. For each type of pads, a special dot paper layout optimized for new opportunities for e-service Evernote.
With new document camera app Evernote for iPhone and iPad allows you to quickly take some photos page of the notebook, which will be placed in one post. This automatically increases the contrast of the pages and all the shadows are removed, which improves the reading experience of paper scans the display of the electronic device. The application also identifies with the spot markup correct position of the document and corrects it if necessary. So the picture will be better prepared for handwriting recognition, and the user then can easily find your notes in Evernote.

Also, in the back pocket of each notebook is a set of colored stickers. If you stick a sticker on the page and take a photo, Evernote will recognize it and immediately assign the note desired label or place it in a specific notebook, which can be specified in advance in the application settings.

Evernote Smart Notebook will be available in large and pocket size, from October 1, 2012 at a price of $ 30 and $ 25, respectively. Each buyer will receive a paper notebook brand premium subscription Evernote for three months, which opens up a number of additional features, including a larger monthly amount for notes, a detailed search for PDF documents and images, as well as additional features for sharing notes.

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