Everspin ST-MRAM the first memory chip: Specs & Features

Everspin Company announced the world’s first memory chips Spin-Torque Magnetoresistive RAM would be called as Everspin ST-MRAM, which are positioned as an alternative to non-volatile memory subsystems DRAM.

Everspin ST-MRAM

New memory provides enough performance. On assurances of developers, the memory of Everspin ST-MRAM has 500 times higher performance characteristics than flash memory NAND. And its durability is comparable with memory DRAM. ST-MRAM memory is seen by industry analysts as a not a replacement of flash NAND, used in modern solid-state drives as well as adding to the solution. The developers of the company Everspin claim that Everspin ST-MRAM chip can be used as a cache buffer in solid-state drives and other storage systems.

To date, the company began production of chips Everspin ST-MRAM memory capacity of 64 MB. However, in the near future plans to increase the capacity of a single chip to a value of 1 GB, while improving performance characteristics of their work. The first samples of 64 MB chips are now available to interested manufacturers of computer equipment. These chips are made in the packaging WBGA and functionally compatible with the interface specifications DDR3 industry standard JEDEC. The devices provide up to 1.6 billion transfers per second for each input-output connections. It has Bandwidth of 3.2 GB / s for delays nanosecond level. Number of IO operations per second declared at 400 thousand According to the Everspin, the cost of memory Everspin ST-MRAM, approximately 50 times higher than the cost of memory NAND, but it is not a mass product, which explains the high cost of production. It is expected that the cost of 1 GB ST-MRAM reach a comparable value with 1 GB DRAM for 5 years.

This was all regarding the Everspin ST-MRAM memory which would be bringing the revolution in the future memory devices.

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