Expected Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

Just recently Samsung Galaxy S4 speculation which appeared in current week and it is fairly to the point regarding Samsung must be focusing on their upcoming worldwide popular smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Let’s get started, you will find discussions and rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy S4 giving up a 4.99″ HD display AMOLED display screen supporting the 1080p resolution with an amazing results. But, the present Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 4.8 inches display screen as well as is really a lot slimmer sized as opposed to expectations goes all around. Samsung obtaining the frame of a gadget even smaller each and every year, it’s sensible to expect that from only pressing the sides back just a little in all 4 ends, they might very easily have a wider display screen inside the same body sized.


An additional point that’s expected as well as rumored through people, is a fabulous greater mega pixel camera in Samsung Galaxy S4. An 8 mega pixel camera in the Samsung Galaxy S3 is fairly much awesome and also a lot of people are completely satisfied by using this. Because technology increases now, therefore it must be implementing on this amazing upcoming smartphone. This is also expected that development within camera technology will force the Samsung Galaxy S4 towards a 13 mega pixel camera. That all of us watched within leaked report in last month. Furthermore most likely retaining all of the amazing things of the LED flash-light as well as expected 1080 pixels video recording features together with HD results.


With regards to inner processing, we all know Samsung maintains that everything inside also of Samsung Galaxy S4. We are able to expect the processor with Exynos technology, however at this point can be support the Adonis. That is basically based on Cortex-A15 ARM. This might also want to help you along with power usage a lot. Our rumors will also involve a little bit greater battery. May be they will improve it up from 2100mAh – 2600mAh.


Just what exactly more requires to Samsung Galaxy S4 to overcome its existing brother Samsung Galaxy S3? We’d expect from it regarding to consist of the RAM of 2GB in the beginning.

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