Firefox v14.0 browser is released for Android

The company has released a new version of Mozilla Firefox browser for Android, which includes several new features. This version received sequence number of fourteenth.

In Firefox v14.0 for Android, many new features are upgraded for example now you will find increase in the speed of page loading and rendering images. In addition, work was accelerated by the application interface, operations; changes in scale and pan are made faster. The interface has also undergone with some processing, and the address bar has been improved and works with open tabs. Among other improvements are called improved support for HTML5, and support for Flash. In Firefox v14 for Android includes support for Firefox Sync, which allows you to synchronize saved passwords and autocomplete forms, the history of visited websites, opened tabs. Among other things, you can observe improvement in application functionality, aimed at improving the safety and privacy of surfing.

Interested users can download the new Firefox browser v14 for Android application store through Google Play. However, it should be noted that the browser supports only smartphones, tablet support is not implemented yet, and it will be added in a future version. In addition, the smartphone should use the operating system Android 2.2 or newer version.


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