First virus reached for Windows 8

Despite improvements in security of the new operating system Windows 8, the first malicious developments are already reaching the platform.

Windows 8

One of them, curiously disguises a virus called “Win 8 Security System’, Realize when a Trojan TROJ_FAKEAV.EHM labeled.

A Trojan that uses scareware techniques performing a system scan supposed to show an exaggerated amount of threats and offering its self as the savior solution under the usual economic payment characterizes, these scareware attacks.

Another security problem that has been known in recent days comes from Vupen security firm that claims to have developed an exploit able to take control of a Windows 8 through its native browser, Internet Explorer 10.

Although this development will not reach the market because Vupen French firm specializes in identifying vulnerabilities and selling to government agencies and large companies, it is difficult for the vulnerability to be exploited by others.

Also up in the last days of phishing attack that is not a virus for Windows 8, but a use of its release.

A new cyber scam campaign using social engineering and whose attackers posing as the “Microsoft Windows 8 team” in emails and other media in which they promise ‘free download of Windows 8’.

As we see, it will be impossible to keep completely safe with the new Windows 8 from Microsoft. Antivirus system that integrates Essentials, UEFI and other security enhancements, but which shall be binding set you one of the many security solutions available. Well, now there are available many solutions to overcome the virus in Windows 8 but common sense is our best defense.

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