Flash Voyager GT 64 GB, USB 3.0 swift and enhanced: Review & Specs

The Corsair offers a new flash drive Flash Voyager GT 64 GB which s capable of supporting speeds of 180 MB / s read and 83 MB / s write for transferring large files. The housing is coated with rubber.

Flash Voyager GT

Corsair has a new version of its key drive called Flash Voyager GT, which now has a USB 3.0 interface. With a rugged housing, it offers – according to the manufacturer – the maximum data rates of 220 MB / s read and 110MB / s write. Flash Voyager GT 64 GB priced around. Similar version of Flash Voyager GT 16 GB and 32 GB are also available, the respective prices of 25 euros and 55 euros.


The design of the Flash Voyager GT is identical to that of the Flash Voyager with a box wearing rubber armour. This is not essential, but this coating enhances protection against falls and even against water. The size is reasonable and you can fit the pen drive in your pocket. The connector is protected by a cap, also strengthened, and a blue light, placed towards the end of the key, is clearly visible.

Very fast read speed

As for performance, the Flash Voyager GT proves two to three times faster than the entry level model Flash Voyager. It was measured maximum speeds of 180.34 MB / s read and 83.72 MB / s write for large files. Thus, it takes about 8 seconds to transfer a 700 MB DivX file from the key to the hard drive of your computer and 4 s for the reverse operation. The writing score is however lower than the SanDisk Extreme which reaches 135 MB / s.

However, the two keys are at par with transfers to medium sized files. The writing speed is still high, but the drop in reading speed (63 Mb / s for MP3 files and only 28 MB / s for photos JPEG picture). Finally, the key Corsair moderately hot: 46.6 degrees maximum after intensive use.

The verdict

The Flash Voyager GT cannot catch up with the record performance of the SanDisk Extreme, but nevertheless offers excellent results for file transfers. Its rugged housing is a nice touch for backpackers.

This was all regarding Flash Voyager GT 64 GB, if you have any query feel free to ask.

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