Foxconn nT-i1250 Nettop: Specs & Features

Foxconn nT-i1250 Nettop: Specs & FeaturesFoxconn has announced the release of a new nettop in the line NanoPC. This time, we are talking about Foxconn nT-i1250 is a barebone-system, which allows the user to choose and install some components.

Foxconn nT-i1250

Introduced new product Foxconn nT-i1250 based on the platform Intel Atom processor and uses Intel Cedar View with a frequency of 1.86 GHz. It is compact – 19 x 13.5 x 2.5 cm, and weight is 450 g, inside the case there is enough free space to install a 1.8 – or 2.5-inch hard disk drive or solid state drive. Available on the motherboard one slot for memory standard, DDR3 1066 MHz up to 4 GB and one slot mini-PCIe. It can be used to install a TV tuner, Bluetooth or any other expansion cards. The front of the nettop Foxconn nT-i1250 is card reader 5-in-1, two USB 3.0 ports and microphone and headphone jacks. On the back are available Gigabit Ethernet port Ethernet, four-port USB 2.0, audio line out to support S / PDIF-OUT, and HDMI and VGA. Inside the nettop installed Wi-Fi standard 802.11n adapter with two antennas. Includes mount standard VESA, through which the device can be placed on the back of the monitor or TV.

Nettop Foxconn nT-i1250 will be available in the late October for a suggested retail price of $ 180.

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