Foxconn presented a Nano Nettop: with passive cooling system and the Intel AMD

Foxconn introduced new Nettops in the series that are Foxconn AT-5250 and AT-5600 Nettops. Foxconn Nano promotes both tiny and silent solution with dimensions 40 times smaller than conventional PCs. So small, so even with a passive cooling system, computers are not something out of the ordinary, but this is still the manufacturer was able to implement a number of interesting features.

Foxconn AT-5250 and AT-5600 Nettop

These two Foxconn AT-5250 and AT-5600 Nettops based on Intel Atom and AMD Brazos platform respectively. New items consume only 15 watts in standby mode and about 24 watts under load. Foxconn engineers reworked the design nettop to use passive cooling system, and the device kept with very modest dimensions – 190 x 135 x3 8 mm. You have the freedom to select the amount of RAM and hard drive (supports 2.5-inch HDD, 1,8 “/ 2,5” SSD), both models come with free slots.
What makes this device competitor to recently announced Nettop as Shuttle XS35V3 is the presence of a pair of ports USB 3.0. It has 4 USB 2.0 ports in addition, there are HDMI and VGA, card reader 5-in-1 Adapter Wi-Fi 802.11n, interfaces for headphone, microphone and line-out. The package includes a standard mounting VESA, through which the nettop can be mounted on the back of the monitor or TV.

Foxconn AT-5250 and AT-5600 Nettop

Inside the Foxconn AT-5600 a processor AMD Brazos E450 (1,65 GHz) and a graphics chip Radeon HD 6320 are present. Foxconn AT-5250 uses the processor Intel Cedar Trail, D2550 Atom (1.86 GHz) with an integrated GPU Intel GMA 3650. New items will be available in the CIS in September with an estimated retail price of AT-5600 will be only $ 280, AT-5250 – $ 260 respectively.


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