Fujifilm X-E1 a digital camera an X-Pro 1 smaller and cheaper: Review & Specs

The second hybrid interchangeable lenses Fujifilm is here. Smaller and lighter than the X-Pro 1 which contains the basic technique, it retains only the electronic viewfinder and loses the optical viewfinder.

Fujifilm X-E1

The Fujifilm X-E1 uses the same technical basis as the excellent X-Pro 1 in a smaller package and less expensive. However, he sacrifices the optical viewfinder and sees his lower screen resolution.

A few months after the launch of its X-Pro 1, Fujifilm confirms its commitment to hybrid devices with the announcement of Fujifilm X-E1, lighter version of the X-Pro 1. Taking the technical basis of its big brother – whose excellent X-Trans CMOS sensor APS-C 16.3 Mpix – X-E1 merely a screen of 460,000 points while preserving the OLED electronic viewfinder 2.36 million points, however it loses the optical viewfinder. The build quality is similar, however: a case rather upscale with a retro series X.

Light version

Fujifilm X-E1

The screen and optical viewfinder aside, both devices offer the same image quality. And Fujifilm X-E1 has some advantages such as reduced size and weight (100 g less), focusing faster (but the X-Pro 1 should benefit from an update), an integrated flash housing and especially a low price. Indeed, when the X-Pro 1 costs 1600 euros naked, Fujifilm X-E1 should appear at 900 euros. And in view of image quality delivered by the sensor – almost similar to full format sensors – would be more enthusiastic photographer.

Arrival of zoom

Fujifilm X-E1

Fujifilm advantage of the arrival of the Fujifilm X-E1 to launch two new lenses including a zoom 18-55 mm. But not just any 18-55 mm since the stone displays beautiful aperture values for optical kit: F2.8-4 instead of F3.5-5.6 for conventional zooms. It is brighter and its construction has much better lenses than optical kits based and hybrid reflex. To this must be added an excellent quality of construction: dual linear motor, metal ring. The downside is that this approach is expensive – you should find around 600 euros! – And rather heavy (330 g against 150 to 200 g in general).

Wide angle

The second perspective that invites the X Series XF 14 mm F2.8, a very focused optical landscape and architecture since it is equivalent to a 21 mm! The price is too high (800 to 900 euros) but similar to that practice competition. Intended for amateurs who could not afford an X-Pro 1, Fujifilm X-E1 will be available from November 2012 to 899 euros, and around 1300 euros with 18-55 mm F2 optical .8-4.

The same image quality as the X-Pro 1
The smaller format
Much more attractive price
Quality optics available, and many optical coming in 2013
Improved Autofocus

The poor screen resolution (460,000 dots)
The loss of the optical sight

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