Galaxy Note 3 – Still need better?

Samsung Galaxy S4 has been proven a huge success in the history of the smartphones, now the Korean firm has opened its door to reboot another high end device in the form of Galaxy Note 3.

Rumours are mixing in the air about Samsung’s next high end gadget, claiming it to be even larger and better than its predecessor. Galaxy note 3 is supposed to feature an OLED display of size 5.9 inch. We are constantly keeping an eye on the latest updates of Note 3, you can find all right here.

Release date

Talking about the release date of the upcoming tablet of Samsung, the matter is quite cold at the instant. All we can say for now “at the end of this year”. If we consider past recapitulations, the handset is expected to be released at the end of August. And if previous cycles are followed then probably Note 3 would hit the store shelves in the month of October. But seeing the early release of Galaxy S4 this year, release date of Galaxy Note 3 might be postponed.

galaxy note 3


Note 3 is expected to carry a heavy price tag, making it to fall in the category of Galaxy S4 when price is concerned. Also it would make it a little costlier than its competitors like ZTE Grand Memo and Huawei ascend Mate. Most probably the device will be priced at £550 ($800/AU$770).


Exact specs of the device are yet to be known, but online rumours suggest that it would feature even a larger display than its 5.5 inch precursor Galaxy Note 2. From our various sources we came to know that it would have a 5.9 inch AMOLED screen. Few reports also say that it might sport a 6.3 inch display; others say it would have flexible OLED display. Obviously the screen size is a dilemma here, in fact not only the size, but we guess other specs too until they are officially confirmed by the firm.

Galaxy Note 3 Operating system

We are very much sure that Galaxy Note 3 will be running on Google’s Android dais, but exactly which version is still not confirmed. Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is likely to be declared officially at Google’s IO event, putting forward the chances for Samsung to embed it in the Note 3. But since the Android 4.3 has fair chances to get released soon, postponing the release of Android 5.0, the device may be running on Android 4.3.

Other specs of the Note 3 include a 13 megapixels rear camera, octa core processor, 8 cores GPU and 3 GB RAM. The upcoming Galaxy Note 3 will have an alloy body, ditching the earlier trend of plastic body trailed by the Samsung.

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