Gaming Without any Limits by Asus GL552VW

Potent Gaming Performance

ASUS ROG GL552VW was powered with a 6th generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, having a discrete NVIDIA GTX 960 4GB graphics card with a full support of DirectX 12. 128GB storage card gives GL552VW a perfect superior load times & faster data transfers.


Asus GL552VW has 6th generation Intel Core i7 processors, which able to deliver a new class of computing along with a host of new features, which was able to power the next generation of gaming laptops. User can expect lighting fast speeds with peak performance even though in the tough tasks & games.


Asus ROG GL552VW was been featured with a whopping 16GB ultra-fast DDR4 RAM which able to provide more headroom for the superior multitasking & amazing gaming performance.

Striking Gaming Aesthetics

Asus GL552VW was featured with F-22 stealth fighter-inspired lines along with an angled surface for the purpose of dynamic & powerful stance. The GL552VW build quality & different as well as unique design will always ensure that the laptop will be outstanding from the crowd.

All-in-one Keyboard

Asus GL552VW keyboard was reinforced with around 100 solder points particularly for the durability & solid feel. It was featured with red-backlit keys with 1.8mm of key travel and specifically-designed WASD keys will always help you to anchor your hands when you are get ready with the game.

Easily Upgradeable

Asus ROG GL552VW was initially equipped with the well-balanced high performance gaming components, but even though it was the time to replace the memory or even the storage, but it was absolutely possible and can be easily upgradeable.


GL552VW was been equipped with the NVidia 4GB GeForce GTX 960M graphics card which was based on NVidia’s latest architecture, which will deliver smooth, responsive performance. This Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M features includes NVidia latest Battery Boost Technology, Technology, GeForce ExperienceTM, Nvidia GPU BoostTM 2.0, NVidia OptimusTM and GameStreamTM.

Full HD IPS Panel

In all gaming laptops, one of the most common demands was an IPS matte panel, which will allow for the best visibility irrespective of the environmental conditions. The Asus GL552VW’s display will provides vivid & accurate colors for the gaming, entertainment and creative work.

Excellent Audio functionality

Asus GL552VW will have the rich and a crystal-clear high-fidelity of audio functionality, which was featured particularly with exclusive SonicMaster technology. The accompanying ROG Audio Wizard provides till 5 presets tailor-made for all the popular game genres and thereby immersing the users in a separate game world which was like never before.

ASUS GameFirst III Technology

Because of having the latest GameFirst III technology, will always prioritizes the flow of the game data across the network. Gaming will be smoother & lagging will be banished, hence the frags will be always put first.


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