Gangnam Style breaks all records and is now the most watched video on YouTube

The Gangnam Style of PSY continues to break records like crazy, more specifically on YouTube. The first video was the most “likes” of the history of the portal, and now does the same with the number of plays, snatching the position to Justin Bieber.

Gangnam Style

At the time of publishing this article, the official video Gangnam Style (because there are a few versions, also with hundreds, thousands and even millions of views) shows positive and 824,665,713 views.

Now we just need someone to turn to count all the videos you have recorded people dancing ditty of yore to discover if it also has beaten La Macarena, or there is still room.

If you had not seen yet, here is the video.

This was all regarding the records broken by Gangnam Style of PSY, may be you are from the majority who likes this style, you may comment here to tell us what your response is and what you think.

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