Genius has announced a wireless keyboard LuxePad 9100 for Tablets

Genius Company announced and released a portable compact wireless keyboard that is designed for use with tablets. This new wireless keyboard is Genius LuxePad 9100. This indicates that it can be used not only to Apple iPad, but also to devices that are running other operating systems such Android 3.0 or newer, and Windows 7/XP/Vista.

Genius LuxePad 9100, contains the traditional layout and seven additional function keys with which you can access the multimedia capabilities of mobile devices (play, pause, control volume), and also to make restitution to the main screen. The thickness of the keyboard is 1.75 cm

To connect this keyboard to the mobile devices it has a used wireless Bluetooth interface. In this case, the connection is as simple as pressing CONNECT. The new model comes with leather case, which not only performs a protective function, but can also be used as a support for the tablet. The device gets its power from two batteries type AAA, but the battery life from one set to be announced.

New Wireless Keyboard Genius LuxePad 9100 has already gone on sale in the U.S. and Canada for a suggested retail price of about $ 70.

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