Get Set Ready To Embrace The All New iPad 5

Have you any idea what is the hot topic of discussion among the gadget freaks, both online and offline nowadays? Yes! You are absolutely right. It is the date of launch as well as features of all new iPad 5 that is going to hit the market. Due to a tweak in popularity of iPad 4 last year, it is rumored that Apple might plan a quick release for its new iPad. First it was reported that it would be released on March 2013. But the Apple CEO, Tim Cook said that the people would have to wait for some more months to get hold of this newbie.

Design of iPad 5:

There has been quite a long speculation about the design of the new iPad,  as many are sure that it would be based on the previously introduced iPad Mini. This means the gadget will have a thinner look with narrow bezels. Tactus has leaked a picture of the rear shell of the most expected gadget. Though the photograph has very low resolution, one could figure out that the rear sheet is much thinner in comparison to the usual iPad. In addition to this, a lot of pictures of this expected iPad were featured in a Chinese ecommerce site. Thus, it is confirmed that new iPad will have a thinner look. On top of that, MacRumours leaked a photo that featured the case of this new gadget stacked between the iPad 4 cases and iPad Mini.

Embrace The All New iPad 5 - front and rear view

Screen of iPad 5:

Apple is always popular among for its innovative design, looks and features all over the world. So, there is no need to say that this expected gadget will be the same. Many marketing experts strongly believe that Apple would use the latest innovative technology in place of iPhone replacement glass called IGZP or Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide screen. This screen called IGZO consumes only 10% of power even when you display images. This means that there is an extensive battery life, which looks very promising.

Moreover, the screen will snugly fit in the 7.2mm thin iPad. This will also contribute to the factor that Apple would be using a slim LED back light as this will serve as a cost saving option. Another technology that is rumored to be included in the anticipated iPad  is the GF2 technology. This was previously used in iPad mini and is expected to be used in the new one, as well.

Embrace The All New iPad 5Other features:

Patently Apple reported that Apple had applied for the rights for using “an audio codec with vibrator support” on 21st March. Besides that, Tactus informs that the rear camera of the anticipated gadget would have a high resolution of 8 MP in comparison to the usual 5 MP. More juicy news is that Apple plans to offer the wireless charging facility through the smart cover loaded with induction coils. Thus, it will do the work of charging, even if it’s closed.

With all these news and rumors, one cannot stop thinking about the real features that iPad 5 will have and as a result, the expectation is getting quite higher with every passing day.

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