Giada i53 – a similar to Nettop PC based on Intel Ivy Bridge and the remote control: Review and specs

In contrast of Foxconn and Shuttle Company Giada has new Nettop type PC i.e. Giada i53. Moreover, it is very powerful stuffing Intel Ivy Bridge generation. This new very compact PC is positioned as a multimedia center, as evidenced not only by its compact dimensions and an interesting exterior design, but also a complete remote control.

Giada i53 Nettop

In the central processing compact unit is equipped with an Intel Core i5 third-generation chipset and the Mobile HM76 Express. Giada i53 has Built-in graphics adapter – Intel HD Graphics 4000, though its capacity is sufficient to show the video in Full HD (1080p) resolution and even to run modern games, and a complete audio codec supports 5.1 speaker systems.
Also, in this remote control Nettop Giada i53 computer has 4 GB of RAM and hard disk capacity of 500GB. As an option the processor could e Intel Core i7. Communication specs of this machine are really quite standard for a machine of this class: there are modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, VGA and HDMI, support for USB 3.0 (total of five USB-ports). Powerful enough stuffing demanded a serious cooling system. However, according to Giada, the PC is quiet in all conditions. The cost of the basic model with a processor Core i5, 4 GB of RAM and a 500-gigabyte HDD is $ 520, of course with Intel Core i7 processor it will perform better but it will cost you more as well. It was all regarding the latest Giada i53 Nettop with remote control PC which is really something new for all and more over its features and specs has impressed me that can give a smooth performance as well.


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