Gigabyte U2142 tablet ultrabook hybrid with Windows 8: Specs & Features

The Gigabyte Company has prepared a Gigabyte U2142 ultrabook tablet hybrid running the operating system Windows 8.

Gigabyte U2142

Gigabyte U2142 model is equipped with a rotating 11.6-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Most of the high laptops of 15” featuring similar resolution and for 11inches screen this resolution is not just basic. The device may comprise one of the economical processors Intel (series ULV) Core i3 or Core i5, up to 16 GB of RAM, hard disk capacity of up to 1TB solid state drive, and up to 256 GB. Also available to the user wireless modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, ports USB 3.0, video output HDMI. As an option, have the option of installing 3.5G modem. This all shows, Gigabyte U2142 is a complete machine which can easily compete with most of the high end laptops and ultrabooks. This ultra convertible intermediate between tablet and ultrabook seems pretty good.

Gigabyte U2142
It is expected that the tablet ultrabook hybrid Gigabyte U2142 will go on sale next month for a suggested retail price starting at $ 1,000 configuration. Moreover as this device is running on Windows 8, which ads a plus one factor to the machine. Moreover, many of the leading vendors has brought new form factor devices, mainly hybrid between the tablet and ultrabook and if we talk about this Gigabyte U2142 hybrid which seems pretty good with its specs, features and design, so stay tuned for more updates regarding this device.

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