Gnome OS: GUI wrapper will become the OS for PCs, tablets and smartphones

The developers of a graphical environment for Linux-based systems, Gnome, decided in their project to go a bit further and turn it into a full-fledged operating system, not only for PCs but also for portable devices with touch input. Information about this appeared in Blog.

Gnome OS

The active discussion of the new initiative was carried out at the conference GUADEC, which brought together the main developers of Gnome. The idea of creating Gnome OS is not new, but now it just got real. Currently approved development plan for the new operating system is planned for the next 18 months.

It is worth noting that in the Gnome OS is considered not only the result for the end user, but also improve the platform for developers, and more specifically, the creation of effective tools to work with it and write compatible software. This means the emergence of universal SDK and API, which does not remain valid for a week or two or three months, much longer.

Also, we are talking about creating a system of automatic assembly and test releases, which in its current state is bad, especially for newcomers to the community Gnome. That is, the developers want to first create a convenient base for the enthusiast who in turn fills its third-party applications.

As a consumer of Gnome, then, according to developers, the platform is versatile enough to accommodate a sensor device, whether tablets or smartphones. In the plans is the realization of user-friendly touch interface, plus it will be necessary to rewrite and remake the complete application. Naturally, all this will occur in parallel with the development of both traditional Gnome graphical environments for Linux. It was all about upcoming Gnome OS for PCs, tablets and smartphone, stay tuned for more updates.

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