Google and ASUS preparing a tablet, is it Nexus 7 3G?

Google is preparing to launch a tablet version of its Nexus 7 in this case with support for 3G broadband, the question arises will it be called as Nexus 7 3G tab or Google and Asus wants to bring another name, well rumours are saying it would be Nexus 7 3G.

Nexus 7 3G

The rumor comes from MoDaCo ensuring availability in the “next six weeks” and no change in the internal or external hardware except support for mobile broadband.

Everything points to pave the way for the arrival (more than likely) the iPad Mini with a fuller Nexus range although slightly more expensive price of Wi-Fi orginal.

In any case the best selling models (by far) remain the only wireless connectivity including Wi-Fi, cheaper and without additional payments to operators. So, let’s wait and watch it may be the Google and Asus new strategy to warn the Kindle Fire 2 and Apple iPad mini with Google Nexus 7 3G tab.

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