Google and ASUS would release a Nexus tablet to $ 99

The tablet market is booming, and manufacturers increasingly showing more competitive offers. It seems that there is still much room to gain market share, because according to Digitimes, Google and ASUS would be preparing to launch a tablet with a breakthrough price of just $ 99.

Google Nexus

Already Google Nexus 7 has got the break through popularity all over the world in just small period of time because of the competition price of $199 and now it has been rumoured that Google and Asus again going to come up in the market with new bang to seize the tablet era. In this case it could be Google Nexus 5 but recently it has been rumoured Nexus 5 would be manufactured by HTC and it can get the style of HTC 5X but nothing can be said so confidently.

This low-cost model of Google Nexus 7 in $ 199 already comes with superior specifications. So question arises, Next Google Nexus tablet will be offered for $ 99 then what will be its specs.

If so, of course a tablet like the Nexus 7 to $ 99 literally break the market and probably would become a real threat even for large-format tablets like the iPad today which totally dominate the market.

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