Google asks for hackers to crack Google Chrome: Price $60,000 Pwnium 2

Hackers are not only harmful but also helpful that Google has found on the CanSecWest conference in the event Pwnium. In particular, it allowed the company to learn about the mass of the security holes on Web browser Chrome, which enthusiasts cheerfully, “broke” on a competitive basis. The result was so good that Google has decided to hold another competition of this kind, called Pwnium 2.

Pwnium 2 Chrome

The initiative will take place at the 10th annual conference of the Hack in the Box in Malaysia. The Internet Company is serious and intends to invest $ 2 million in prize money.
The task will be the same – to hack web browser Chrome, but depends on the method of breaking prize money. For example, for direct application code hacker hacking or a team of enthusiasts will receive $ 60 thousand if the exploit will exploit a vulnerability in WebKit core, or Windows, then the prize will be $ 50 thousand for the effective use of holes in Flash-player or a driver can earn $ 40 thousand a common view the amount of prize money, Google is ready to pay for a lot of different exploits, even for incomplete solutions. Indeed, based on them, too, you can develop a system of protection and close vulnerabilities in software.

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