Google bought Sparrow, a developer of one of the best mail client for OS X and iOS

At the beginning of last year in the Mac App Store got one of the best alternative email client for OS X, Sparrow which is responsible for the development consisting of only five men team. This year, the company released an analogue for iOS, has become no less popular than the desktop client. The company Sparrow is now owned by Google, as the developer said on Twitter. The question naturally arises, what will happen with the current products Sparrow? Journalists of The Verge able to contact the Executive Director c Sparrow, House of Lek (Dom Leca) and obtain from him a comment about the above-described events. He said the team will continue to support Sparrow for iOS and OS X, updating products, if necessary (for example, recently in the desktop client has support for Retina), but on the further development of programs can be forgotten, and the new features they will not appear. The reason for that is an active work on unnamed projects with Google. In turn, a Google spokesman said on the situation as follows: Sparrow team always put users in the first place, focusing on creating a very simple and intuitive interface, in its E-mail client. We look forward to the time when these talented developers to join the team of Gmail, where they will work on new projects. Details of the deal were not disclosed, but sources The Verge highlighted some of its moments. The estimated amount that Google paid for the Sparrow, is $ 25 million, and serious Internet company did not have to haggle. Office of the Sparrow, located in Paris, France, will be closed and the entire team will move to the headquarters of Google in Mountain View, ea. California, USA. Although it is unknown how quickly it happens. Also, sources have mentioned that the reason for buying Sparrow was the desire to significantly improve the Google experience using Gmail, and it is logical. For example, the official Gmail client for iOS does not enjoy special popularity cannot be said of the Sparrow.

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