Google is experimenting with direct program support third-party Android-devices

The best software support of Android-devices currently has their own so-called reference product Google – Smartphone Galaxy Nexus and tablet Nexus 7. They operate on the basis of the latest version of mobile OS and the first to receive updates. Naturally, users would like this level of support for third-party products. It seems inconceivable that Google started to support the device directly to other companies. But it seems that the first experiment in this direction has already started.

Google Xperia S

As said one of the leading developers of Google Android Open Source Project (AOSP), Jean-Baptiste Keru, also known by the nickname JBQ, he will try to implement a direct software support for smartphone Sony Xperia S in the manner of how this is done for Google Nexus. Why Xperia S, and not, for example, HTC X One or Samsung Galaxy S III? The fact that Sony is actively supporting the project AOSP and developer community by offering an unlocked device loader (bootloader), releasing a preliminary version of its software in open access and is often directly working with the team JBQ. Recall that the tablet Sony Tablet S was one of the first firmware based on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is due to interaction with AOSP-community.
If the experiment with the Google Xperia S is successful, the owners of this device will receive the firmware on the basis of the latest versions of Android in a few days after the release of the OS. Besides this fact indirectly confirms rumors that in the future, Google may start to produce more branded smartphone Nexus, which will be produced by different companies. Currently, Internet company in this business only works with Samsung and ASUS.

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