Google is making improvements to the “+1” button

As reported by Google in the Google + developers blog, soon “+1” button will be available by more detailed information, supplied in the service “one.” Recall, button “+1” allows users to mark interesting from their point of view, sites and pages.

In the future, this information may be used in search engines and with the recommendations of interesting content to friends. Button “+1” can be embedded in virtually any website owner without much effort.

Now in the button “+1” more functionality is implemented. Thus, when the mouse cursor on the button “+1”, posted on a web page, the user will see a drop down menu with the recommended pages from around the site. The list will also appear, and the pages that friends have noted the user in Google +. It is expected that the update service “+1” will become operational in the coming weeks. So, let’s found in future what Google is preparing for us. After all it will be in favour of us.


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