Google Nexus 5 in hand path of HTC: Specs & Features

Google replace Samsung for HTC to make its next Nexus smart terminal, a phablet by their screen size and focus, it could be Google Nexus 5 as rumoured now.

Google Nexus 5

Note, the popularity of Google Samsung would have convinced that this type of device is in halfway between tablet and smartphone would be perfect for next terminal Nexus, as there is no official word from Google though October is Release usual date.

The Google Nexus 5 would be made on the basis of the One X 5, an impressive terminal screen five inches and resolution of 1794 x 1080 pixels. This new Google phablet will be using a new generation ARM SoC that could well be a Qualcomm S 4 Pro and would install the latest version of Android available, the hallmark of the Google Nexus.

As per the present market Galaxy Note II for which Samsung has high expectations with sales forecasts 20 million units and now the rumor of Google Nexus 5 which could change the situation of future. As per the revealed information, now Google Nexus 5 would be manufactured by HTC and as rumoured earlier HTC phablet i.e. HTC One X 5 could be the real Google Nexus 5 but nothing has been confirmed, already Google Nexus 7 has hot popularity all around the globe now it could be the turn of Google Nexus 5.

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