Google Nexus 7 comparison with Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Tab 7.7, Nook Tablet

Google has released its own a tablet under the brand Nexus and still made a pretty serious blow to the competition. The characteristics of this leader of the 7-inch Tablet, and the price is cheaper than most of them, Nexus 7 has made its own reputation.

Among the direct competitors in the $ 200-250 price range can be considered Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet, they are very similar in characteristics, but the Nexus 7 is more interesting. In addition, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 comes in direct competition. But by judging from the specs and features Nexus 7 still closes to flagship GALAXY Tab 7. Let’s compare the specifications mentioned in the table below, excluding the Kindle Fire, as it is too similar to the NOOK Tablet:

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