Google Nexus Q – the world’s first social media player for streaming media

In the keynote speech of the conference Google I / O, in addition to announcement of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and tablet Nexus 7, Google introduced a sudden a very strange but very attractive device Nexus Q. The company called it the world’s first social media player for streaming media.

Google Nexus Q device is a small white ball with a diameter of 120 mm and weighing 900 g, at the surface there are no controls, although if you want you can change the volume by turning the upper part of the player. To use this gadget you can use any tablet or smartphone running Android 2.3 Gingerbread or newer operating system.

Inside this Google Nexus Q black ball OMAP 4460 chipset is present with a pair of cores ARM Cortex A9, GPU PowerVR SGX540, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of flash memory. There is also a 25-watt amplifier modules, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the chip NFC. Among the I / O ports mention Micro HDMI, optical audio port TOSLink, Ethernet, micro AB USB (for service purposes), and four audio-out are present. All this stuffing is used to organize the social media stream, where you can learn and experience what they listen or watch at the moment of your friends, take advantage of their playlists, share their own content in a broadcast mode, etc. While this is not exactly clear, but in the video below Google tries to explain:

By Nexus Q on Wi-Fi you can connect to two devices. Content played directly from the cloud, plus the unit works directly with Google Play. You can start watching a movie on your phone, then continue from the same place on a large TV connected to the Nexus Q, and then, suddenly tearing away, complete show on the road on the tablet.

This Google Nexus Q device unit will go on sale in July for $ 299. So, you have now understood this is all about a new devices and soon it will be familiar to smart world.

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