Google Phone – Sony Nexus X: Specs & Features

It is expected that this year’s Google Nexus smartphone to offer a new generation of several partners. Already lit version of LG, codenamed Nexus 4 is out. Now, however, there were pictures “Google Phone” from Sony. Source calls it Sony Nexus X.

Sony Nexus X

Images published on information resource The Verge, a primary source was a Picasa Web. Not the fact that it is really “Google phone” from Sony, but the general concept Nexus device it is viewed. For example, there is a pad on one of the facets needed for branded accessories. Sensory or hardware buttons on the front panel is not only used on-screen controls Android. There are no precise data on the characteristics of Sony Nexus X no, respectively, to judge the smartphone while it is possible only in the pictures. Outwardly, it looks like the Xperia ion and Xperia T.

Sony Nexus X

As per revealed information, if Sony Nexus X will be the next Google Phone Sony, then it will be one of the sleekest smartphone of Sony which will be featuring quad-core processor, 1.8GHz, 1 to 2GB RAM and a big battery of 2100mAh and a display 4.5inches HD display, but it is still a rumor nothing can be confirmed officially, firstly LG Nexus 4, then Samsung Galaxy Premier Nexus and now Sony Nexus X

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