Google respond to iPad Mini with a $99 Nexus tablet: Specs & Features

Google is preparing to launch new models of tablet computers under the Nexus series, including one highlight its selling price of $ 99, according to the source of the Taiwanese industry informal Digitimes. So, $99 Nexus would be featuring high end specs or just normal specs are still a question.

$99 Nexus

This alleged Google $99 Nexus tablet, super cheap would use a TN panel and a single-core processor ARM 8950 developed by the Chinese company WonderMedia Technologies, as main components. So, we can’t expect much by TN panel. Of course its display will have poor display angle. But $99 Nexus is an affordable solution, its user may compromise with the display.

Moreover, as revealed It would be manufactured by Quanta Computer and be on the market in this quarter to compete with primarily confirmed iPad Mini.

It is not confirm that this rumor is exactly true because the few weeks before Nexus 7 came to the market and Google will not want to cut the sales of Nexus 7 with $99 Nexus tablet.

This was all regarding the upcoming $99 Nexus Google tablet which we will see on the market’s shelf in near future, of course in $99 price you have to compromise with something which will not be good as existing Nexus 7, so stay tuned for more updates regarding this device.

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