Google to Launch a Google antivirus?? Google buys VirusTotal

The Mountain View Company Google has just bought the small company “VirusTota” that offers a service VirusTotal malware detection online, which will enable Google to improve the security of Google Android and Play among others.

Google antivirus VirsuTotal

VirusTotal Company has said “We are a small company with limited resources it is sometimes a challenge. We are therefore delighted that Google, give yourself a partner for some time, has acquired VirusTotal. (…) This is great news for you and bad news for malware generators”

Those responsible for the security firm explained that continue to operate independently and maintain agreements with other companies (VirusTotal employs over 40, antivirus engines to analyze malware) and security experts.

It is likely that these solutions are integrated in applications like Google Apps protecting shared data and files with Gmail and others. So, there could be something like Google Antivirus.

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