Google will penalize sites classified as ‘pirates’

Google made changes to the algorithm that governs your search engine to penalize the ranking of sites receiving a high volume of notices of copyright infringement.


The updated algorithm to be implemented beginning next week and it is a clear concession to the motion picture and music with American rights organizations MPAA and RIAA to the front.

Although Google says that “only the courts can decide whether copyright has been infringed and Google cannot determine whether a particular web page violates copyright”. And if Google cannot tell if a website violates copyright because it imposes a measure which is de facto, that performing a specific search, web sites classified as ‘pirates’ will appear below in your engine with the damage we all know.

That is, without trial or jury, Google will filter your results actually penalizing legal web recent statements and changing Internet giant: “The results of our search engine to reflect what the user is looking for”. Where are the statements for the Net neutrality?

All media point to a victory for record labels and entertainment giants, who have complained for years that Google is not doing enough to prevent access to protected content.

Its earlier refusal is to pander to the industry over. Google’s interests to sell content on Google or YouTube Play and the need for agreements with the powers that be in Hollywood are behind this change.

The fact that the announcement of this change the algorithm comes from Amit Singhal, VP of Engineering and Head of Google search indicates the level at which this decision has been taken.

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