Google’s Glass will invade privacy? Be aware!

Google X Lab has worked on futuristic technologies such as driverless cars and developed Google Glass, a wearable computer with head mounted display. The Google Glass is a tiny display which resides just above the eyeline. One can view what is on the display. The Glass has an embedded camera, microphone, a GPS and voice control. Though the head mounted displays is not a new invention, the Google Glass has drawn media attention due to the prototype design, which is smaller and slimmer than previous designs and of course the Google’ backing.

 There are lot many wonderful things that the Glass can do. There is a voice control to control the device; getting range of options like capturing pictures, videos, working with messages using speech to text are available by just one voice command ‘ok glass’. There is a hang out conferencing technology that allows you to start conference with many people over the web cam. You can send videos to all of them on what you are seeing at the moment. There is an inbuilt GPS which let you find your travelling directions by using Google Maps. The automatic voice and speech recognition are the main features of the Glass. 

Google Glass

Google Glass is expected to run on Android and likely to sport a better resolution camera. The glasses will be obviously lightweight and flexible with GPS chip and will ship in multiple colors.

 There were mixed reactions when this new gadget from Google was unveiled, some liked the new invention whereas some thought that Google wanted to publicly broadcast their advertisements. People think that Google main business is to make money from ads so will try to bombard ads in front of your eyeballs. One needs to worry about the privacy too. With the new Glass technology there will be cameras everywhere and one thing that you need to be aware of the cameras around you. One needs to start getting into habit of taking off the glasses and checking with cameras around us; especially while going to private places. One will have to start thinking a lot more about behaving better because the same thing might happen with you too.

Google Glass Price and Release Date:

It is expected that toward the end of year 2013 Google’s new gadget will be released and the expected price would be around $750. The Glass will be definitely be available on Google Store, but Google might think of opening special shops by partnering with retailers like Ray-Ban or Warby Parker.

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