Gorgeous cinematic experience with Panasonic ZT60 Plasma TV: Features revealed

Finding a best TV in this complicated market is very tricky, even when you are aware of the latest TV technologies it is difficult to choose the right one for you. We have Plasmas, LEDs, LCDs and now 4K TVs/UHDs and OLEDs (Organic LED). Am I making the right choice while choosing my TV? This is question that definitely comes to everyone’s mind. 

There is a saying ‘Old is Gold’ and that is precisely true when we had a chance to look at the Panasonic ZT60 plasma TV at the CES 2013. The Plasmas are here to stay and will keep attracting the users with its elegant screen and picture quality. Last year Panasonic has introduced VT50 Plasma TV which was one of the best flat screens. Panasonic ZT60 is even better than VT50 in terms of black levels which gives one of the best on screen cinematic experience.

Panasonic ZT60 Plasma TV
Panasonic ZT60 Plasma TV

The Panasonic ZT60 will be a 65 inch TV with brighter colors than its predecessor VT50. 60 inch version will also be available from Panasonic at the time of launching the TV. The plasma panel is directly connected to the glass and with the new red phosphor Panasonic says that it has improved the color depth drastically. This has reduced the image refection in the air gap between panels.

For Full HD 3 dimensional images, the crosstalk has reduced in ZT60 whereas for the 2 dimension images enhancement has been made with 3000 Focused-field drive. Other enhancements include the THX  surround sound in 2 dimension and 3 dimension and introduction of CLAMAN calibration software. There are 3 HDMI ports, 3 USB connectors and in-built Wi-Fi in Panasonic ZT60.

An added feature by Panasonic in the ZT60 model is the My Home Screen feature that allows every user to personalize their favorite contents and store them. The Swipe and Share 2.0 feature enable users to transfer media from and to their smartphones or tablets to the ZT60. There is also a voice recognition added to the Panasonic ZT60.

There are Pros of LEDs/LCDs and the next generation TVs in terms of power consumption, life of the screens over the Plasma. However with inventions in Plasma technology and its great viewing experience Plasmas are still a choice of many. As per Panasonic the ZT60 will have one hundred thousand hours of usage which is more than 30 years for 8 hours a day viewing.

Panasonic is yet to announce the price of this big screen TV but it will surely be available towards the end of February 2013. I am a great fan of movies and watching the 3D HD movie on Panasonic ZT60 with THX surround sound would be like a true life cenematic experience.

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