Graph Search from Facebook: Beta Version unveiled

A new search engine has been unveiled by Facebook recently. The Graph Search is a new feature on Facebook that is different from Google, Yahoo or Bing Search engines. The Graph Search will allow Facebook users to search contents linked to you and your friends. The Graph Search will search from millions on members, their photos to give a true personalized experience.

Currently in Beta, the Graph Search will add more search features in future, but for now the service traverse through photos uploaded by your friends, people who have profiles and those who have created pages on Facebook. Facebook also partnered with Bing search engine to provide certain web results.

Once you signed up for Graph Search beta you will get a blue bar at the top of your Facebook Timeline.  You can search people, places and photos from there.  The bar even suggests various categories such as ‘Photos I have liked’, ‘Restaurants nearby’, and ‘Music my friends like’.


Graph Search from Facebook
Graph Search from Facebook


The Graph Search will service information including as photos, status updates, location data and peoples interest. While respecting the privacy of your friends, the Graph Search emphasises on the results that are linked to your friends. The service allows you to search on complex queries by combining long phrases e.g. ‘which are the people in New York that I graduated with’. The Graph Search will give relevant results precisely. Facebook shows the privacy setting for the contents. e.g. each photo has setting as either public or private.  Public means anybody can view the photo whereas private means only friends can view each other photos and not the strangers.

The beta version of Graph will allow wide variety of queries such as ‘photos taken in Sydney’, ‘places visited in France with friends’ and will give a personal touch to the whole search engine which the current traditional web search engine lacks.

Graph Search is in its early stage development.  Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, stated that ‘… it’s important to remember that this is a beta product. The reason some things aren’t in there now is because it’s really hard to get this right, and we’re still working on it.’

So if you are interested in trying out Graph Search, then sign up for the Beta now on Facebook. You can sign up for the Beta version of Graph Search from here

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