GSMA introduces new global roaming system and its environment warning

World Association for providers of mobile communication GSMA (GSM Association) has organized yet another initiative, which aims to improve working conditions for users of cellular networks. In this case we are talking about roaming, and are often encountered problems with it when out of ignorance or absent-minded people lost a lot of money from their accounts, and even got into serious debt to the operator.


Recall that in the past year efforts have been launched GSMA testing system for the protection of the SMS-spam. If we succeed in the new initiative of association, by the end of this year, many users of mobile networks cannot be afraid to spend the extra money in roaming.
The current system roaming is very imperfect, and therefore there are incidents of a financial nature. The main problem – is the lack of an effective system of alerts. It wants to introduce a GSMA, and it will able to negotiate with the 24 world’s largest mobile operators, including AT & T, Verizon, Deutsche Telekom, China Unicom and others. Cyclists will not invent one, respectively, plan to use the hackneyed SMS-notification rates for roaming in the country, where the subscriber is arrived. Such methods are already used by many operators, including Ukrainian, but one thing when it is a local initiative, and quite another when approved by the official international standard, as is the case with the GSMA.

But in addition to SMS-alert it has a plan to implement tools that allow users to restrict the use of the network while roaming. The details of the project is not covered under GSMA, but assured that it would make every effort to attract to it all existing 800 cellular operators.

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