Hackers stole more than 450 thousand user Yahoo passwords, as well as e-mail address on Gmail, Hotmail and AOL

A group of hackers known as the D33D Company, published an online user names and passwords of 453,492 users Yahoo, reports The New York Times. According to Marcus Carey (Marcus Carey), a researcher at Rapid7, hackers also managed to get about 106,000 e-mail addresses Gmail, 55,000 – Hotmail and 25 000 – AOL. These accounts are not hacked, but they are in open access.

Yahoo stolen passwords

Attackers left a message to the archive of information laid out the password, which states: “We hope that the parties responsible for ensuring the safety of these subdomains will perceive this as a wake-up call, not as a threat.” The very same file already removed from the Internet.

According to Dana Lengkik, representatives of Yahoo, compromised accounts belonged to the Yahoo Contributor Network, a kind of platform for blogs, and less than 5% of them were active. In its turn, Google said that immediately reset the password to the email addresses that were included in the archive lined by hackers.

The company Sucuri, which specializes in detecting and removing malware, created a website where you can check whether your hit Yahoo account to the list – http://labs.sucuri.net/?yahooleak.

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