Haier Pad a 9.7inches tablet: Review & Specs

In December Haier is going to release a 9.7inches format tablet and today we get the chance to bring the review of this device so called Haier Pad which would be available in the price tag of 229 EUR. This 100% Chinese tablet has a good level of finish … but there is more work on the software.

Haier Pad

Forget a prior design product in China, Haier appliance delivers here a good build quality. If the materials used (plastic, of course) are very classic, touch is soft, there is no crack under the fingers and two tones (white and silver) is nice for Haier Pad … a little messy, however.

There is also an attention to detail with the little cap on the MicroSD card reader, so adjusted that the shell does not see it at first glance. We also like the edges of the screen are less wide (2 cm), which would have reduced the surface of the tablet (24 x 18.7 x 0.97 cm) and, without doubt, the ease (the unit charged 610 g).
A bright …

The first impression of this tablet is pretty good. Its display is offering the luxury of being part of the most luminous tiles (480 cd / m²) tablets recently. That allows you to comfortably use outdoors. The contrast ratio in the average (828:1), provides fairly accurate reproduction of images.

Haier Pad
Comfort … but lackluster

The interface of Haier Pad in general, lacks of fluidity and menus, in particular, respond poorly. The transition from one function to another takes several seconds. Gross delays as Internet browsing, with reactivity zoom really harmful to use. The technical platform by onboard should be theoretically more vivid.
Apps 4 in the raw

Haier brings no improvement to its tablet software. No overlay or specific application in Haier Pad: it will simply interface of Android 4.0 in the raw state, devoid of most Google services (like Gmail). Fortunately, the device is compatible with the online application store for Google (PlayStore) – not that obvious on entry-level devices – which will enrich their favorite applications quickly. If is not a lightning war, the Haier Pad 9.7 inch offers a good multimedia support as it read all files (MP3, WMA, AAC for music, XviD, DivX and WMV for video). However, again, is in the following two disappointments: the speakers are of poor quality and autonomy too average. We measured 5 h 58 minutes video playback that just average. Same side navigation battery backup in Internet access (Wi-Fi), measured only 6 h 50.
The verdict

The Haier Pad does not really convince. But it’s clean, robust, no real bad taste. However, despite a good quality screen, great efforts are still needed to make this product a pleasure to use.

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