Hasselblad Lunar camera: Review & Specs

Hasselblad Swedish brand began its cooperation with Sony with Hasselblad Lunar, a NEX 7 dressed inform of luxury for the wealthy users since the base price of this item is customizable to € 5,000!

Hasselblad Lunar

Known for its pro cameras, the Swedish brand, NEX 7 transforms into a luxury item from … 5000 euros!

Named Hasselblad Lunar in tribute to devices that have accompanied Hasselblad Aldrin and Armstrong to the surface of satellite, the first hybrid of Hasselblad is less innovative than were the famous frosted devices viewfinder of the time because it is neither more nor less than a NEX 7 makeup. The term is appropriate here since all the technical basis is made by Sony and only the design is the work of Hasselblad. And given the partnership between the two brands, it’s a safe bet that other high-end Japanese brand are quickly broken down version “blad”.

A solid technical basis

Hasselblad Lunar

Recall here the technical details of the excellent NEX 7: APS-C 24 million photosites, a burst rate that grows at 10 frames / s, Full HD video up to 28 Mbit / s, a screen Swivel 910,000 items supported by an OLED electronic viewfinder, integrated flash and a hot shoe, as well as many modes ludiqus (Sweep Panorama, artistic modes, etc.). So, Hasselblad Lunar is a technological beast with a more tailored and ergonomic fully customizable.

Hasselblad Lunar: a case redesigned and handful

Hasselblad Lunar

The Swedish brand has not worked nor on optical technology – should it change if the partnership between the two brands is paying off. Entrusted to an Italian designer, the new look of the case is a body which reminds a bit before finishing the series 500 (black coating, chrome edges). The top of the unit as well as the buttons and wheel have been redesigned in a more luxurious inspiration and the handle has been completely redesigned to provide a better grip.

The luxury version of the Swedish-Japanese the Hasselblad Lunar

Crocodile leather, carbon fiber or wood noble luxurious materials are all options for the handle of the Lunar resolutely elitist. And € 5,000 (minimum) NEX 7 redesigned their first bet seems successful even if the logic of the trade mark should not stop the wealthy bling.

Proposed from € 5,000 in its basic version, the Hasselblad Lunar expected to hit the market in early 2013. And its price will rise gradually as customization options.

Hasselblad Lunar


A solid technical base (Sony NEX 7)
An original design
High levels of customization: leathers, rare woods, etc..


Prohibitively expensive
No technical innovation

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